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Saying clever things is my business. It started with a typewriter and a stack of 30-second ads that had to be produced by tomorrow, and it went from there to broadcasting to digital marketing to a venture studio/agency consultancy.

I have conceived and written for travel/tourism, healthcare, financial services, booze, tech, restaurants, museums, TV, sports, music, nonprofits, and a company that makes funny cookies with googly eyes on them.

Startups, I love your ass

I know how you are. I was a founding partner in two of them. I am attracted to those who are driven like crazy wild dogs to turn an idea into a brand which endures the crucible of its first five hellish, exhilirating, can’t-sleep-at-night years. Wheeee! I know how to write for you.

Creative for creatives

I also help agencies and other creative organizations express their own raisons d’etre. It’s some of my fave stuff, my meta-specialty: creative for creatives. Even the brightest agencies and consultants can disappear into their own GI when they have to talk about themselves as cleverly as they talk about their clients. That’s entirely normal. I help them pop out. You can’t do it alone.

Less-than highs

What if I tell you about the other stuff? Everybody can say they’ve worked with Google or on a pitch for El Giganto Health. How about the guy with a company that marketed neckties for short people who asked me to be funny and was offended when I was? There was a startup too smartassed for its own good, which I made even more so. May have overdone it. There’s a guy who shoots dogs (with a camera, I mean), and a place full of guys saving addicts and alcoholics from despair and death. There’s the time I met Tom Petty and he totally ignored my ass, which has nothing to do with anything. I just wanted to get it in here.


Being a writer ain’t for everybody. Writers get the desk by the supply room, sideways looks, scant recognition. There are no credit rolls for taglines. Trophies gather dust.

Hooray: I don’t care about any of that. I’m here to help nice human beings who have so much enthusiasm for their work they want it expressed in every medium they use. The furry stuff, the hard stuff, all of it.