Things people say
before they hire me

“Get someone
to wordsmith that.”

“What we do is hard to explain.”

“We need to tell our story.”


Maybe you are looking for that one snappy sentence that conveys your company or idea in a memorable way. You’ve strategized it, missionized it, massaged the daylights out of it. You and your team have a whole whiteboard full of great stuff.

You know what you’re about.

You just need an outside view and some articulation.

I can help you crystallize it all into a consistent, coherent narrative for your brand story, activation, campaign, collateral, website, pitch deck, anything. That’s my superduperpower.

Or wait!

Perhaps what you do really is complex or subtle, not something you boil down into a pithy tagline. Your audience is sophisticated. Your story must resonate and enlarge your idea in heads and hearts.

A complex idea is often easier to capture on a whiteboard than express to humans.

Resonance and exposition depend on squishy things. Language, tone, rhythm, pacing, flow. People don’t remember words so much as how they feel when they hear them. And even that is affected by medium, audience history, competition, baked-in perceptions, and emotional hair-triggers that some call “gut,” brain scientists call “amygdala,” and a good salesman calls “knowing which way the frog will jump.”

AI ain’t gonna tell your story

(At least, not yet)

You need a nice, warm, empathetic human to help you get your audience to listen, think good things, engage, share, trust, spend. Someone literate in modern media and a student of frogs.


Dept. of lucidity

The Words

To steal from the great writer Elmore Leonard: if the words sound like writing, rewrite them.

People I’ve helped

Brain surgeons

who restore lives every day

That moment where you think, “Oh my God, it really IS brain surgery.



who teach a better way of thinking and doing

A pretty problem: you are design thinkers, consultants, problem solvers, and storytellers who teach complex organizations better ways of working together. Oh, and there’s a podcast. How to explain it all?


A creative agency

that hits hard

They work with Taylor Swift and they work with financial services companies. Dayum. You know they must be good.


A healthcare company

that actually improves neighborhoods

They’re working to bring primary care to urban districts where the choices have been the ER or nothing.

An image agency

that unites brands and visual storytellers

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